About this site

This site is dedicated to creating greater safety and spiritual intimacy between spiritual teachers and their students.

This is not a site that chronicles spiritual teachers’ misdeeds. Nor is it a place for excusing or explaining away spiritual teachers’ misconduct. Its focus is on building stronger, safer student-teacher relationships—and stronger, safer spiritual communities. This includes reducing future misconduct by spiritual teachers.

This site also contains information on the book Sex and the Spiritual Teacher: Why It Happens, When It’s a Problem, and What We All Can Do, which was published by Wisdom Publications in March 2011, as well as information on the book’s author, Scott Edelstein, and his talks at bookstores and spiritual centers. This site also contains an excerpt of the book, related articles on the subject, and audio and video interviews with Scott.



My book Sex and the Spiritual Teacher was largely inspired by the many abuses by former rabbi, spiritual teacher, “spiritual artist,” and new-age leader Marc Gafni.

For decades, Gafni has left a trail of misery and destruction in his wake–stealing, plagiarizing, manipulating people and organizations, harming others’ reputations, and sexually abusing people who get close to him.

Gafni has a long history of reinventing himself, finding a new group of followers, and abusing them in multiple ways–then disappearing, reinventing himself, rising up anew, and conning and harming yet another group of people.

Gafni is also the person behind the new RiseUp film, which is his newest attempt to reinvent himself and find new legitimacy.

I strongly urge you not to donate to the RiseUp crowdfunding campaign, or to involve yourself with the RiseUp organization, or to spend money to view the film once it is released.

To learn more about Marc Gafni and his transgressions, Google Marc Oppenheimer’s articles on him from the New York Times and elsewhere, as well as Sam Kestenbaum’s articles on Gafni in Forward (forward.com).


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